Welcome to St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Our Mission

St. Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima is a visionary Catholic Christian Community. As a diverse parish, we embrace Africentric worship, Christ centered hospitality and missionary service. Sustained by the wisdom of our elders and energized by the spirit of our youth, we come together in faith as a church family to give witness to the liberating message of the Gospel.


Synodality: Being Church Together (Guide Link for Download)

Pope Francis is asking for worldwide participation of all members of the church in the process leading up to the Synod of Bishops next year. The topic is Synodality: Being Church Together. It is a chance for us all to give our feedback about our experience of Church – both good and bad. While gathering […]

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Please Keep The Family of Daniel Perez in Prayer

Pastoral Minister here at St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Church, Daniel Perez, passed away yesterday evening from complications of COVID-19. He was surrounded by his family and received the sacraments of the church. Arrangements are pending. Please keep the Perez family in your prayers as well as our church family. May Daniel rest in peace.

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‘Gathering in Hope and Promise’ Advent Revival This Week!!

Advent Revival is this week!!  The three-night event kicks off this Wednesday on December 8th, 9th, and 10th at 7 PM in St. Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima‘s sanctuary. Our parish theme is ‘Gathering in Hope and Promise,’ guest revivalist Father Anthony Bozeman, S.S.J, will deliver a homily in the spirit of God’s word. […]

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Spotlight of The Month for November 2021: Sr. Rita Shinhearl

“All the young people I’ve worked with have a spirituality, and it’s beautiful. They’ve got it; they just have to realize that they’re spiritual, special, and wise.” Sister Rita Shinhearl is our Spotlight of the Month for November 2021. Sr. Rita has been a part of the St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Church for 20 […]

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How to Pray the Rosary, Follow these 10 Easy Steps!

How to pray the rosary by following each numbered step and hold the part of the rosary that corresponds with the color of the step.

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