Parish Pastoral Council Commissions

Finance Provides financial guidance and advice to the pastor observing both Church and civil law in the sound management of the temporal goods of the parish.

  • Assists the pastor in making informed financial decisions in compliance with the Diocese and civil requirements.
  • Attends regularly established quarterly meetings in regard to the finances of the parish.
  • Assists in preparing the annual budget and reviews reports to the diocese.
  • Reviews and approves parish fund raising efforts
  • Credentials around business management/finance preferred
  • Members of this commission only need not be member of parish if they bring credentials and experience to assist the parish.


Spiritual Life & Worship – responsible for facilitating the spiritual and worship life of the parish community by coordinating and providing quality liturgical and other prayer experiences   which celebrate and strengthen the community’s journey of faith.

  • Assists the Pastoral Staff in making informed decisions regarding the celebration of the Liturgy and other parish prayer experiences according to Church law and pastoral need.
  • Attends regularly established meetings to plan and prepare liturgical celebrations, retreat days, recollection days, devotions, or other spiritual activities,
  • Assists in the liturgical formation of the parish, both ministers and the parish at large
  • Assists in the coordination, training, and ongoing formation of the following ministries at Parish Liturgical activities:
    • Lectors
    • Commentators
    • Eucharistic Ministers
    • Altar Servers
    • Choir
    • Liturgical Arts
    • Liturgical Environment
    • Greeters
    • Ushers
    • Catechists for Children’s Liturgy of the Word
    • Evangelization


Educationresponsible for the various educational programs of the parish community by coordinating their implementation, evaluation, and renewal for the intellectual and spiritual growth of the parish.

  • Assists the Director of Religious Education in making informed educational decisions in accord with canonical and pastoral requirements.
  • Attends regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission with the Religious Education Director
  • Assists the Spiritual Life and Worship Commission in the ongoing liturgical formation of the parish at large
  • Participates in evaluation and development of curriculum and participation in:
    • RCIA
    • SWAGG
    • Bible Study
    • Sacramental Formation
    • Adult Education


Social Justice & Actionresponsible for creating opportunities to live out Catholic social justice teachings through outreach and service to the community. In keeping with the mission of Jesus this Commission will research current social justice issues and will create awareness and opportunities for dialogue and engagement within our parish and surrounding communities through a series of meetings, sessions and forums to help resolve the conflicts and injustices that currently exist in our city, state, and nation.

  • Van Ministry
  • Community Outreach
  • Hot Meals
  • Charitable Works
  • Holiday Program
  • Voter Registration
  • Collaboration with Fatima Family Center
  • Collaboration with charitable activities of parish groups already established
    • Young Adult Thanksgiving Meal
    • Women’s Group Collection of Toiletries
    • Other like projects


Strategic Planning & Developmentresponsible for the development and implementation of strategic planning in line with the vision, mission, and values of the Church and the local parish community.  This Commission may also be called upon to advance long term development of resources whether in personnel, financial resources, or the temporal needs of the parish.

  • Capital Campaign
  • Strategic Plan


OrganizationsResponsible for coordinating information among parish groups and ensuring that needs of various organizations are identified and met at the best level possible.  This Commission is also asked to promote and foster cooperation among the parish groups for the good of the church and its common mission together.

  • Assists groups in coordinating the various activities and work of the many organizations at SAOLF
  • Attends regularly scheduled meetings of the group leaders or their representatives
  • Assists in the communication, structure and obtainment of minutes and rosters from each group and their meeting activities
  • Assists in oversight and collaborative efforts of parish groups to work together so that the parish might flourish as a whole. Groups that are served by this Commission include the following:
    • Women’s Group
    • Men’s Group
    • Bridging the Gap
    • Wisdom Council
    • Youth Group
    • Ministry of Consolation
    • Health Ministry
    • Marriage Ministry
    • Young Adult Group