This year 2018 marks a milestone moment in the history of St. Agnes+Our Lady of Fatima Parish. While our church community was “re-founded” in 1980 in the merging of St. Agnes and our Lady of Fatima Parishes, we can trace our roots back to 1893 when St. Agnes Church was established as the first and only Catholic Church on Cleveland’s main thoroughfare, Euclid Avenue (St. Paul Shrine would come along in 1930, and St. Philomena was located further out in East Cleveland.).  For 125 years, the legacy of St. Agnes has grown, changed, and adapted to the forces that have shaped the social, political, religious, and demographic changes in the City of Cleveland and the Church and thrives to this day.


A yearlong commemoration of this anniversary event will begin with a special celebration for the Feast of St. Agnes on January 21 and conclude with the commemoration of the dedication anniversary of the new and current church located at 6800 Lexington Avenue on November 21. A reunion of parishioners and graduates and students of St. Agnes parish and school is being planned, along with opportunities for community service, prayer at the original Euclid Avenue site, and a Gala event set for September 29.


Check back here for more information and updates as the year progresses and celebrations unfold. For 125 years, God’s grace has brought us this far through faith and prayer.  May that grace sustain us through the next 125 years and beyond.