Spotlight of The Month for September 2021: Daniel Perez

“We need His grace and mercy to be able to deal with those obstacles and challenges that come our way in life!”

Danny Perez is our Spotlight of the Month for September 2021. He began working as the full-time Pastoral Minister at St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Church on July 1st, 2021. In this position, he works directly with our Parish Staff to take on responsibilities for faith formation and education along with other pastoral work within the church. Prior to this, he was the Director of the St. Augustine Hunger Center.

Danny is a Cleveland native, having lived his whole life on the west side of Cleveland. Growing up in a Christian household to Puerto Rican parents, his culture and faith have always had a strong impact on his life. After attending college at the Tri-C Western Campus in Parma, he then went on to earn his college and Pastoral Ministry credentials and degrees from Notre Dame College in South Euclid. In deciding to pursue a career in Pastoral Ministry, “I believe it was a direct result of God’s constant and unconditional love through the Power of the Holy Spirit that has led me to my faith walk and work serving in many different ministry roles!

As a man of faith, he considers his religious values as a driving force in his life. “Of course, I’d have to say it has been my strong faith and religious beliefs that have helped me to sustain and meet head-on the challenges that I have had to face throughout my journey to the very present time in my life; without it, I would have been lost a long time ago! We need His grace and mercy to be able to deal with those obstacles and challenges that come our way in life!

His words of encouragement to the young people in our church are that “Although college is important, it is only a goal that leads to a bigger goal! What is that bigger goal? In my opinion, that bigger goal is always keeping God’s spirit alive within you – to take it everywhere you go, to use the gift and power of the Holy Spirit to help you to continue to serve others with a deep love and through that process, you will ultimately be successful, and by putting to use all of your educational training you will reach whatever goal you set out to do!” He also recalls a quote out of Saint Mother Teresa’s book when she says, “God does not call us all to be successful, but He does call us all to be faithful.