Spotlight of The Month for February 2021: Sister Alice Mrema

Photo of St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima Church's Spotlight of The Month for January 2021: Dr. Myrita Wilhite

“Pray hard as if you will die today, and study/work hard as if you will never die.”


Sister Maria Alice Mrema, CDNK is our Spotlight of the Month for February 2021. Sr. Alice was born in Tanzania, East Africa, and came to America in 2016 in pursuit of a college education. Last year, she succeeded in doing so when she graduated from John Carroll University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Cum Laude). She lives by the motivational phrase, “Pray hard as if you will die today, and study/work hard as if you will never die.” 

Sr. Alice became a part of the St. Agnes-Our Lady of Fatima Church in December 2019, which she considers being a vigorous, loving, and caring family. “It is the best faith family that I would never ask for another one.” From. Rev. Bob Marva and Deacon Martin to all of the church members, she feels that everyone lives and interacts with one another as brothers and sisters. “It is not a place where people meet to pray, but it is a common house where family members gather to talk to their Father (God) and to each other and share their ministry and life experiences. As a family member, I have experienced dramatic growth through homilies and faith-sharing programs.” Once the pandemic ends and we get to have a “new normal”, she hopes to become more involved within the church.

Sr. Alice and her siblings were raised in a Catholic household, and she credits her parents for instilling in them the importance of sharing and being considerate to others. She was also influenced by religious nuns at an early age who worked at her public school. “Their humble lives touched me in a special way. Through the inspirational life of the sisters and discernment in prayer, I came to know the way God wants me to serve Him.” She knew that she could accomplish much more in her desire to serve others by joining hands with people already in the field, and decided to join the religious life right after graduating from high school, becoming a member in the order of The Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro.

As a religious person, Sr. Alice has devoted her whole life to follow and participate in the ministry of Jesus and touching people’s lives. This passion has led her to pursue medicine as a professional career, where she can have the honor of serving people both physically and spiritually. Growing up in Africa, she witnessed many health needs, especially those of women and children. “Once in a public bus to school, I witnessed an expecting mother losing her life and that of her baby in front of my eyes. That first traumatic incidence completely changed my business mind towards health, and since then I have been yearning to serve the underserved and marginalized.” 

Her words of encouragement for anyone going through difficult times is to seek consolation and renewed energy. “One bible verse a day keeps the devil away. Thus, God’s Word and prayers are the best weapons ever. Second, seek proper advice from your spiritual leaders and elders. Remember that experience is the best teacher. Get the best advice from the people who love you, who want to see you growing and wish to see you achieving and accomplishing your life goals; and realize the purpose that God created you for in your life.”