Precautions We are Taking Due to the Virus’ Impact

Precautionary measures are in place to manage the concerns within our church community regarding the Corona Virus. You can read a letter from Pastor Robert Marva below, and view a copy of his official letter here for print, etc.

Letter from Pastor Robert Marva

Dear Parish Family and Friends,

We find ourselves in times like none other any of us have experienced. The rapid and
widespread impact of the Corona Virus has changed our world and lives forever,
especially for those who have died and their families who grieve their passing. We keep them and all who suffer the effects of this pandemic in our prayers.

As a Catholic Church Family, we will observe those directives set in place by the
Governor of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and the
leadership of the Diocese of Cleveland. To slow the spread of the Corona Virus and curb
exposure, St. Agnes+Our Lady of Fatima will observe the following effective March 13,

  1. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass on March 15, 22, and 29 is suspended.
    Therefore, anyone who is ill or at high risk of becoming ill (persons age 60
    and over) from the Flu or the Corona Virus should not come to Mass on
    Sunday for the rest of March. The mass is available on TV on Fox 8 Sunday
    morning at 6am and on EWTN at 8am and 12 noon. We will make our best effort
    to record and post Sunday Mass to our website at
  2. The Sign of Peace is omitted at the beginning of Mass and at the Lamb of God.
    We are encouraged to greet and welcome, but with minimal physical contact.
  3. The Baptismal Font and Holy Water in the Sacristy have been emptied and
    sanitized. Should you need Holy Water, please see one of the priests or deacon to
    bless fresh water in an appropriate container.
  4. Communion from the cup is suspended immediately until otherwise directed by
    the Diocese. Communion on the tongue is discouraged as a courtesy and
    precaution to others who will receive communion after you.
  5. All unnecessary meetings are postponed or cancelled. The exception to this is
    choir rehearsal as deemed necessary by the director.
  6. The Tuesday hot meal will occur this week as take out only in prepared
    containers. Additional volunteers who are at less risk would be most appreciated.
  7. Wash hands with soap and water before coming to church and if possible upon
    arrival. Ministers will use hand sanitizer immediately before distribution of Holy
    Communion. All ministers should wash hands with soap and water after Mass.
  8. While contrary to our spirit, fellowship after church should be kept to a minimum
    as we leave worship. At the direction of the State, large congregating groups over
    100 are suspended. Worship is the exception to the Governor’s decree, but
    extended gatherings increase risk of possible exposure.

While these precautions are much to tend to, they are rooted in many common sense
things we already know in flu and cold season. Exercise good judgement, wash hands
with soap and water, and avoid close contact with others.

Thank you for your cooperation and please continue to pray for those who are sick, their
families, and their caregivers. May the Divine Physician grant us healing and protection
from this and every other illness. Please know of my prayers for us all.

Rev. Robert Marva, OFM Cap.