Parish Transitions

After much prayer, thought, and consultation, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our parish to reconfigure our parish pastoral staff. This decision was made in light of realities that our parish is experiencing, including parish offertory and attendance. A result of this restructuring will be the changing or discontinuing of certain positions and roles in service to our parish.

After 20 years of faithful and generous service to our parish. Toni Smith will be moving on from her current role as Youth Minister at St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima. In that same vein, Melissa McCall will also come to the end of her current service in assistance to Ms. Mack in religious education and sacramental preparation as part of this restructuring. These changes will occur as of June 30 when the restructuring comes into effect. Mrs. Mack has already made known her intention to retire in June. There will be an opportunity to formally thank Ms. Smith, Ms. Mack, Ms. McCall at a time yet to be determined.

New Job descriptions and qualifications for a reconfigured pastoral staff will be posted on the parish website on April 1. Anyone who meets those qualifications who are members of the parish or beyond may apply. Please continue to pray for our parish as we move forward in faith and trust in God.

Rev. Robert Marva, OFM Cap.