Custodian Position

Job Description for Pastoral Ministry Staff at St. Agnes+Our Lady of Fatima Director of Faith Formation. Please download and print a copy of the job description as necessary.

Job Overview

Full-time salary position with benefits for the custodian to provide daily general cleaning to church,  office, social hall, and grounds and detailed cleaning as needed. Custodian will work with the Pastor to coordinate contracts with outside vendors for major systems worksite visits,  equipment service, and inspections, as well as assist in preventive maintenance for the parish plant including the church, hall, office spaces, parish house, and garage.

Availability + Requirements

  • $90.00 for each event (time commitment averages 5 hours each event)
  • 1099 document issued for taxes.
  • Available Friday evening to set up the hall (after 7 pm)
  • Available Saturday night/morning to clean (12:30 am- til completed)
  • Respectful but firm with clients and guests.
  • Ability to clean using ordinary cleaning products and equipment
  • Demonstrates competency to work in multicultural/cross-cultural settings.
  • Must be at least 18 with transportation.
  • Able to communicate with Hall Manager and Pastor.
  • Responsible and motivated.
  • Must complete background check and VIRTUS training.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Empty trash cans in all rooms daily 
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep and mop floors as needed 
  • Clean restrooms daily 
  • Set up Schubert Hall for community hot meal on Tuesdays 
  • Clean and maintain the floor in Legacy Hall 
  • Clean and tend to the Commons 
  • Receive food delivery from the food bank for hot meal 
  • Check and list supplies for ordering as needed 
  • Pick up exterior trash as needed 
  • Ensure sanctuary is clean before and after services 
  • Coordinate with volunteer “pew crew” to handle detailed cleaning of the sanctuary
  • Coordinate with volunteer “garden crew” to maintain general care and watering of grounds and detail gardening. 
  • Emergency as needed to respond to security/fire alarms 
  • Other related custodial duties as necessary or required for general maintenance of the facility.

Outside Vendors will maintain: 

  • Lawn mowing and general trimming.
  • Lawn treatment during the spring and fall months i.e. tending of beds and plantings.
  • Maintenance of boilers, chillers, roofing, plumbing, and electrical.

Please send resume and references via mail or electronically to:

Rev. Robert Marva, OFM Cap., Pastor
St. Agnes+Our Lady of Fatima
6800 Lexington Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103

Phone: 216-406-5206
Fax: 216-391-7919