Welcome to St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Our Mission

St. Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima is a visionary Catholic Christian Community. As a diverse parish, we embrace Africentric worship, Christ centered hospitality and missionary service. Sustained by the wisdom of our elders and energized by the spirit of our youth, we come together in faith as a church family to give witness to the liberating message of the Gospel.



THE MEETING TIMES AND PLACES FOR GOOD NEWS PEOPLE: Tuesday: 5-7:30pm St. Monica Room Wednesday: 2-3:30Pm Imani Room, 3-4:30 St. Monica Room, 6:30pm-8pm St. Monica Room, 7-8:30pm St. Augustine Room Thursday: 12-1:30pm Bahkita Room Friday: 6-7:30pm St. Monica Room Saturday 10-11:30am Imani Room, 10-11:30am St. Monica Room  

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 As the holidays come to a close and winter routines will settle in, it’s a good time to set our priorities for the New Year: How can I be more gentle, kind, or patient with a family member, co-worker, classmate, or fellow church member. It is never too late to reach out a hand in […]

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New Church UPDATE

The last of the tulips have been planted and work is being finished on the front of Schubert Hall and Marquee Sign in front. Schubert Hall is about half painted and will be completed through the hard work of the Men’s Group. Thank you for your patience and support as we move these projects and […]

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