Welcome to St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Our Mission

St. Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima is a visionary Catholic Christian Community. As a diverse parish, we embrace Africentric worship, Christ centered hospitality and missionary service. Sustained by the wisdom of our elders and energized by the spirit of our youth, we come together in faith as a church family to give witness to the liberating message of the Gospel.


Parish Transitions

After much prayer, thought, and consultation, I have decided that it is in the best interest of our parish to reconfigure our parish pastoral staff. This decision was made in light of realities that our parish is experiencing, including parish offertory and attendance. A result of this restructuring will be the changing or discontinuing of […]

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What Do We Do About Easter???

These times are unlike any other in modern history, especially with regard to celebrating Sunday Mass and gathering as a faith community. The Good News Is: JESUS IS RISEN NOW AND FOREVER! What has changed is how we are going to remember that each Sunday and through the Easter Triduum. Here are some things that […]

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Precautions We are Taking Due to the Virus’ Impact

Precautionary measures are in place to manage the concerns within our church community regarding the Corona Virus. You can read a letter from Pastor Robert Marva below, and view a copy of his official letter here for print, etc. Letter from Pastor Robert Marva Dear Parish Family and Friends, We find ourselves in times like […]

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Grant Proposals Are Due for Your Next Parish Project

If you’re a member of a group or commission within the parish, you have an opportunity to bring your idea to life. Every year the ‘Commission for the Catholic Missions Among the African American and Native American People‘ accepts grant proposals. Innovative and creative projects building on prior efforts are supported — preference given to […]

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2020 Annual Lenten Revival

This year St. Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima will be hosting the 2020 Annual Lenten Revival. Please join us for prayer, homily, and song as we prepare for the season of Lent. Visiting revivalists, Father Oscar Pratt from the Archdiocese of Boston will engage us in this year’s three-night celebration of culture and liturgy.   Theme: “Who […]

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